Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Qlimax Distorted Reality has left a deep impression on quite a few hardstyle enthusiasts all over the world since Saturday. Fans from more than 102 different countries tuned in during the livestream, which was completely built as an alternative in just 1 week: “A race against the clock.”

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Only 7 days before the real Qlimax started, the new lockdown measures were announced in The Netherlands. Q-dance was forced to pull the plug on the iconic event, which which was set to be the biggest hardstyle event since the entire pandemic. A big downer for the entire event industry, but Q still managed to pull the switch and started building ‘the most challenging livestream ever’: Qlimax Distorted Reality.

Within a week, all artists from the original Qlimax line-up were on board and the impressive stage was built, consisting of original pieces from the stage that would ‘actually’ be used in the GelreDome. From flashy light shows to special costumes and from impressive augmented reality to new music: fans can’t stop talking on social media about what they saw on Saturday evening during Qlimax Distorted Reality.

With Sub Zero Project, Sefa, D-Block & S-te-Fan and many others, including 4 surprise acts: Devin Wild, Vertile, KELTEK and Frequencerz. Last year, Qlimax already made an impression by being the first hardstyle production ever to be on Netflix, but perhaps this achievement (under this time pressure) is of even greater class. Just when everyone thought we’d finally get rid of the livestreams (and be able to party for real again), Q-dance and the artists once again raised the bar for digital experiences – in just 7 days. Well done.

‘Qlimax Distorted Reality has shown that the organization and its fanbase are once again unstoppable’

90,000 enthusiasts tuned in during Qlimax Distorted Reality last Saturday and it was also free to watch for everyone. The sets of Qlimax Distorted Reality will soon be published on Q-dance Network.

Footage taken from Instagram page Q-dance / MNO Photo

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