Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Q-dance has made it temporarily impossible to sell tickets for Defqon.1 through Ticketswap. The organization tries to reduce the black-market in this way. The Saturday and Weekend tickets of Defqon.1 are already sold out in the member sale and Q-dance wants to prevent that people sell their tickets with profit. “Resale can not be at the expense of other fans.”

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It is a recurring problem and many festivals suffer from it: people that buy many tickets to sell them later with a huge profit. Other festival visitors have a hard time to get tickets because of this method. “From day 1, Q-dance has pursued a policy against the black-market traders. Resale with profit motives is clearly prohibited according to our Terms and Conditions”, says Sander Bijlstra (Managing Director of Q-dance).

Q-dance wants to make the ticket sale as fair as possible and that’s why it takes measures against black-market traders. “We do our best to give our biggest fans also a chance to buy a ticket. We’re doing that nowadays by the way of our Membership and the Defqon.1 registration that goes with it.”

The Saturday- and Weekend tickets of the biggest harder styles festival were sold out rapidly in the presale. But it was a matter of time before people began to sell their tickets on Ticketswap for a much higher sum. Those black-market traders can make a lot profit when they sell their tickets for more money. “On the other side we facilitate Ticketswap, because we see this as service for the people who aren’t able to come to our event in 2nd instance”, explains Sander. “But we don’t accept it that people misuse our Member Sale for own gain at the expense of other fans.”

Q-dance takes on black-market traders of Defqon.1 tickets

The organisation tries to intercept the tickets from the black-market traders to sell them again thereafter. People who didn’t get a ticket in first instance, have another chance to go to Defqon.1 through this way.

On Saturday 16 March starts the Travel & Stay sale (13:00 CET on Defqon.1 general ticket sale begins one week later on Saturday March on 13:00 at



  • Gerard 20 June 2023 - 21:26

    Wie weet waar ik mijn kaarten van defqon kan verkopen.
    Ik kan hellaas niet heen en heb dus 2 kaarten
    Voor de vrijdag


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