Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

Fans of both Radical Redemption and Warface have been hoping on a collab for quite some time. It looks like their prayers have been heard, because Joey (Radical Redemption) revealed their collaboration in an interview with Supremacy Magazine.

Militant Mayhem
After the success of ‘The One Man Army’ Joey got the chance to organise another solo event in the Heineken Music Hall. The first day was sold out in less than 3,5 hours, so he decided to listen to his fans and do a two-day event. It was because his fans sent him messages that they didn’t have tickets, but already booked a hotel and a flight. Very thoughtful of Joey, right? The collab with Youri will be played at Militant Mayhem for the first time and this is what Joey said about it: “What else?! I’m also finally working on a track with Warface which will be finished before the show and played on both nights. A lot of people have been waiting for this one!”. What the track is called, has not yet been revealed.

War Force
Youri also hasn’t been silent this year. He showcased his new live-act called ‘Heavy Artillery’ and of course his other new live-act with E-Force called ‘War Force’. Last Saturday they had their first gig at Supremacy and if we look at the messages on social media the fans loved it!

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