Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

At first sight, it a strange combination, but Radical Redemption wants to make a collab with Moksi in 2017 as can be seen on the Twitter of both acts. The guys of Moski are focused on a different genre. They are responsible for a couple of well-known tracks in the future- and bass house scene.

With this in mind, it’s not yet clear which side they will go with their prospective collab. Radical Redemption already deviated from his usual style with tracks such as the Airforce anthem 2016 called ‘Order Of Hostility’ with Angerfist and some of the tracks on his album The One Man Army. However, the genre in which Moksi is active in, is completely different. We’re looking forward to the end result of the upcoming collaboration.

Radical Redemption developed himself as an internationally well-known artist. Every Hardstyle lover knows his characteristic sound, which he created throughout the years. He owes his succes to his dedicated fans. Also, his events are immediately sold-out and the merchandise of Radical can be seen everywhere. Currently, Joey travels all over the world with performances in countries such as Scotland, America & Australia. We will hear a lot more from the ‘The One Man Army’.

The act Moksi consists of two persons called Sam O Neall and MC DMC. The act became famous together with the blooming of their genre future- en bass house last year. The act got formed in 2015. The duo is part of the Barong Family, the label which is founded by Yellow Claw. Moksi distinguishes theirselves with their outfit during their performances with their characteristic fishercaps, sweat suits and the matching necklaces.

Moksi currently has released 3 EP’s, which consists all of 4 tracks. You can listen to the EP’s The Power Of Moksi, Brace Yourself & The Majestic online. Listening to the EP’s will give you a good impression of their style. A minimix of one of their EP’s can be listened to below.


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