Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

Earlier today, it was revealed that Spitnoise will be bringing his brand-new live act, MIX THE FUTURE, to shake up the main stage of Harmony of Hardcore. What are the precise details of this new live act? The hardcore DJ shares all the details with Hard News. “The combination of surprising collabs, upcoming talent and a very cool show make this act unique within hardcore.”

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Spitnoise’s new live act is not for the faint of heart. With its powerful classic hardcore elements and exciting bouncy uptempo sounds, MIX THE FUTURE is a guaranteed success. Visuals have been created especially for this live act that will only be shown during this live act. “This is really going to be next level,” says the hardcore DJ. “For every live show, new tracks, edits and mashups are created that are exclusive to that show. This in combination with the cool visuals and lots of FX creates a unique audiovisual experience.”

Spitnoise’s new live act is building up to an album. “Every week before each live show, one track from that album is released,” he explains. “In this way we are working towards an album that will be released later this year.”

Spitnoise: “I want to involve the ‘future of uptempo’ in my live act”

Spitnoise will, as usual, provide an extreme dose of energy on stage and provide the audience with a banging set. Moreover, emerging talent also gets a stage in MIX THE FUTURE. “It is important to me to support emerging artists. That’s why I want to include music from artists that I consider to be the ‘future of uptempo’.” Spitnoise also announces that the album will feature surprising collabs with artists from other genres within the hard dance scene.

Harmony of Hardcore has scheduled the premiere of MIX THE FUTURE on Saturday, May 18, 2024. This festival in particular means a lot to the hardcore DJ. “It’s where it all started for me,” he explains. “I had my first festival booking here and was even allowed to create the anthem two years ago. It is therefore very special for me to perform my live act here for the first time.”

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