Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

Last week we wrote an article about the collaboration between Ran-D and Frequencerz, but that’s not all. Via Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Ran-D told his fans that he is working together with D-Sturb, MC Villain and Max Enforcer/Evil Activities.

Jorrit Popkema, better known as D-Sturb, is a very talented producer. He started his Hardstyle adventure back in 2012 and very soon he was picked up by the label Gearbox Digital. His reputation grew massively and last May he transferred to End of Line. With his euphoric melodies and raw kicks, D-Sturb has created a unique style for himself.

Ran-D & D-Sturb
MC Villain
Michael Brons, a.k.a. MC Villain, is one of the most famous MC’s there is in Hardstyle. Year after year he gets to perform on some of the biggest stages on the world. Besides being an MC, Villain makes a podcast every month called The Future of Hardstyle and he made some collabs with D-Block & S-te-Fan, Zatox, Wildstylez and Headhunterz. It’s not the first time the two are working on a collab. In 2012 they made the anthem of XXlerator together called ‘X’.

MC Villain & Ran-D
Max Enforcer/Evil Activities
Last Sunday Ran-D made an announcement on Snapchat (djrandofficial) while he was coming back to The Netherlands from Norway. Next to him was Kelly van Soest, better known as Max Enforcer/Evil Activities. On the question what Ran-D was going to do this week, Ran-D answered: “Let’s make a collab together.” The question if it will be a collab with Max Enforcer or Evil Activities still remains unanswered.

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