Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

REBELLiON takes a big step and adds an extra day to the event. This makes the jungle tribe indisputably the largest RAW event worldwide. “Only the strongest and toughest Rebels will stand their ground.”

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The growth of REBELLiON and its tribe is unprecedented. Barely 5 years ago, this event was still held in a sports hall, where it was bursting at the seams, while the REBELLiON at REBiRTH Festival was also taking on larger proportions in the meantime. Visitors then responded massively to the move of a sold-out Call of the Dome – the place where the next chapter is now unfolding.

REBELLiON is proud to announce that it will expand to two full festival days. With tens of thousands of visitors and the best artists in the genre, this will be the largest RAW event of all: a huge milestone. Which artists will be on the REBELLiON line-up is still a secret. But in addition to the great news, the upcoming theme has already been announced: THE ECLIPSE.

“As we searched for answers to this mystery, we discovered ancient ruins that spoke about an apocalyptic event happening only once every few hundred years. First, it brings nothing but darkness, followed by total chaos and ultimately causes a full weekend of mass destruction.”

REBELLiON will become the biggest RAW Hardstyle weekender

REBELLiON will be held on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November 2023 at The Dome in Haaren. The pre-registration starts on June 6: check your mail if you have visited REBELLiON before as a loyal visitor and go to the official website for more information. “Are you brave enough to join two days of REBELLiON?”

Footage taken from Facebook page REBELLiON

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