Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

After the Italian raw hardstyle DJ Rooler released the Aggressive Act album (together with Malice) earlier this year, he now announced he has finished his solo album as well. His new production contains not less than 27 tracks.

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In an earlier interview, Rooler revealed he’s coming with two albums in 2019. Besides the Aggressive Act album, he promised his fans also a solo album. “The Rooler album will be a mix of everything I like, and I think it deserves a spotlight. This means: party vibe, euphoric, raw and uptempo all together.” He also told that the Aggressive Act album is a bit harder than his upcoming solo production: “We were absolutely showing our aggressive side…”

Rooler wasn’t sitting still in the past year for sure. Besides the production of the two albums, the DJ played this year at big events like Defqon.1, Decibel outdoor, Intents Festival and Supremacy. Before, he made already a name for himself with tracks such as ‘YES’, ‘Domination’, ‘Survive The Streets’ (with Sefa) and ‘Watch Your Back’ (with Warface and Malice). This summer, his first big anthem ‘Wild Pack’ for Phoenix Festival followed.

Rooler: “My album is 100% done, there are 27 tracks on it”

Now that the Italian producer announced the album is ready, the only question remains about the exact release date. For more information about the upcoming album, keep an eye on Rooler’s Instagram account.

Footage taken from Facebook page Rooler

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