Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

Some time ago in a Q&A session with Warface on his Facebook page, it became clear that there were plans for another collab with Mark With A K. Yesterday a photo appeared on Facebook with both acts back in the studio to work on their second collab.

Their first collab ‘Fear Of The Dark‘ got released about a year ago. On Youtube this track almost has a staggering 1.000.000 views. Ever since this first collaboration people have been asking for a second one. Well, the wait is over, their next collab is on the way.

18891833_1424494167645626_7583066149631953271_oWhen these gentlemen announced their first collab a lot of people had their doubts. Is this going to work? Raw hardstyle and Freestyle/jump together in one track? The answer turned out to be yes, because the people loved the result. The track is still doing his job on the dance floor and it’s a real partystarter.

What kind of track this second collab is going to be is still a mystery. Will it be a raw track, freestyle track, or a little bit of both worlds? Their first track started off with freestyle and ended with some heavy raw kicks. Hopefully this second collab will sound a bit like the first one, talking from a hardstyle perspective of course.

Photo: Warface

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