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By Hard News

The news is out! The gorgeous and talented Malua has taken the next step in her career at Scantraxx Recordz. With all of the boxes ticked, you can expect huge things for this femme fatale in the coming years as she is promising a vast plethora of releases that cover the spectrum of hardstyle. From euphoric vibes and powerful melodies to dark and raw bangers, this girl will bring it all!

Malua’s first release “Brightness” is the perfect example of combining the best of raw and melodic hardstyle as she meshes a beautiful melody with a darker, more powerful atmosphere. This track has the ability to pound dancefloor yet it also can be enjoyed through headphones.
Give a warm welcome to Malua and immerse yourself in the ‘brightness…’

“Brightness” will be released on Scantraxx Silver on 22/07/2015, so be sure to grab your copy!

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