Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

The large staff shortage is currently also having a major impact on the security industry. Employers are therefore offering a wage increase of at least 15% from next year in the hope of solving the staff shortage. Because without security, no festivals.

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Many former security guards went to work elsewhere when festivals could not be held. “At that time, about 1500 to 2000 security guards left the industry,” says Ard Van der Steur (chairman of the Dutch Security Industry) to Dutch newspaper AD security are in order. This also puts the festivals in a bind: for an event to take place at all, the security must be in order.

That’s why the security industry is now coming up with a ‘very exceptional’ pay increase. “We hope we get people back with this salary increase.” Although it is not unusual, Festival Elrow Town was also only given the green light two days before the festival – because only then the security and transport were checked at the last minute.

Major shortage in the security industry: events are looking for staff

Not only security guards are desperately needed: the bar staff are also desperately looking for colleagues. With the indoor season approaching, there are plenty of places to work in the festival industry.

Footage taken from Facebook page Intelligent Security B.V.

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