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By Wouter de Vink

Sefa has just made himself heard for the first time in a long time with a call on his socials. The frenchcore DJ is coming tomorrow with ‘an important announcement about the future of his career’ – which could go either way.

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The career of frenchcore revelation Sefa has gone even faster than the average BPM during his sets in recent years. From up-and-coming prodigy (who had the stages on Dominator and Harmony of Hardcore closed due to the many vistors) to one of the biggest names in the harder styles. The 21-year-old Sefa managed to conquer the hearts of many enthusiasts with his performances all over the world: he was even the first frenchcore artist ever to close the gigantic mainstage of Defqon.1.

However, it has been remarkably quiet on Sefa’s socials since last July. This came to an end today with the following statement: “Important announcement about the future of Sefa.” The rumours have really started by now: some are thinking of a new live act, but others even think ‘because it’s about the future’ that Sefa will end his career. Will no doubt be continued tomorrow.

Sefa breaks the silence: more clarity tomorrow

The announcement will be done tomorrow: it can be found on Sefa’s Instagram profile from 16:30 CET. Also worth to mention, is that the frenchcore DJ will be performing live on Reverze later this week in the sold-out Sportpaleis in Antwerp for an hour straight – which is also quite remarkable and could have something to do with the announcement.


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