Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

The ultimate RAW gathering returns! On Saturday, December 16, 2023, many raw hardstyle enthusiasts will travel to Rosmalen again to immerse themselves in the world of hard kicks and crazy live sets. Of course, this can only be about one event: Shockerz is just around the corner and we celebrate that with the reveal of the line-up.

The event, which has been taking place in the Autotron in Rosmalen since 2017, attracts more than 10,000 visitors every year. With more than 40 artists on the line-up, Shockerz is preparing for another unprecedented edition. “A voyage to another world is about to begin. We dedicate this journey to the headliners of tomorrow, the unborn hits to come and the arrival of ear-shattering kicks that will resonate through all of eternity,” the organization shared on Instagram.

The Shockerz 2023 line-up

With this line-up, the organization impresses once again. There are quite a few surprises on the program, such as Dual Damage LIVE, The Purge & Adjuzt presents DREAMSCAPE and a ‘Boilerroom XXL’ experience from none other than Regain. The closing of the event is in the hands of a refreshing combination: Unresolved & Spitnoise.

Shockerz has also managed to raise the bar even further on the second stage this year. The line-up includes Anderex & Deezl presents: Aussie Overload, Kruelty LIVE, Neroz pres. E.M.P. and Udex’s ‘Lightshield’ Album Showcase. Curious about the full line-up? We list them for you below, in alphabetical order.


APEX presents The Brotherhood LIVE: Cryex, Scarra, Vasto, Kenai & Synergy | Aversion LIVE | Deluzion presents Paranoid | Dual Damage LIVE | E-Force ‘Dark Reality’ Album Showcase | Mutilator LIVE | Rebelion | Regain ‘Boilerroom XXL’ | Rejecta presents Chromium Key | Rooler | The Purge & Adjuzt presents DREAMSCAPE | Thyron pres. Xtreme Xtasy LIVE | Unresolved & Spitnoise LIVE | Vertile | Voidax | Warface presents Rest in Pieces | Nolz


Anderex & Deezl presents: Aussie Overload | Chapter V | Collusion & Hard Destiny | Element | Exproz & Sparkz | Fraw & So Juice | Imperatorz | Kenai | Kruelty LIVE | Luminite LIVE | Neroz pres. E.M.P. | The Saints | Udex ‘Lightshield’ Album Showcase | MC Synergy

Huge upgrades for Autotron

A few months ago, we told you everything about how the organization of Shockerz is doing everything they can to improve the current location of the party, the Autotron in Rosmalen, down to the last detail. “We have finally reached an agreement with the location to take action on all fronts,” they said at the time. For example, the problems with the sound system are tackled, the heat at the location is addressed, and the traffic flow after the festival is tackled.

To top it all off, the hall has been completely sprayed black and many windows have disappeared. “This makes it a real black box, so you get much less daylight and everything looks darker.”

Buy your tickets for Shockerz 2023 now

Shockerz – Reflected Reality will take place on Saturday, December 16 in the Autotron in Rosmalen. Have you not yet purchased tickets for Shockerz in one of the exclusive ticket sales? You can buy your tickets here. Don’t wait too long – thousands of tickets have already been sold during the Exclusive Ticket Sale and Shockerz is always sold out well in advance.

Shockerz 2023

Footage taken from Shockerz Facebook page.

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