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By Wouter de Vink

The Autotron will receive a lot of upgrades this summer. The organization of Shockerz, Vroeger Was Alles Beter, Resonate, Origins and Trinity is taking matters into their own hands to introduce some big improvements: including the sound, the traffic plan and the decoration of the hall – including the temperature.

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Since 2017, the Autotron has been a permanent fixture for Shockerz Events and attracts tens of thousands of visitors from the harder styles every year. The parties in Rosmalen are very popular among fans and therefore often sell out well in advance, but the organization noticed that there are areas for improvement. “We have finally reached an agreement with the location to now go ahead on all fronts.”

“The acoustics are fully tested for the best sound”

According to enthusiasts, the sound at the Autotron was not optimal. “We hired a company for this that spent days researching this matter,” the organization explains. It turns out that this location is even one of the most difficult in terms of reverb and such. “The curtains we have hung up every time are not yet sufficient: that is why we are going to tackle, test and implement this together with the best sound technicians (with acoustic panels and even more curtains), so that it will finally be 100 procent this year.”

It has taken several years for these issues to be addressed, much to the regret of Shockerz Events. “Adjustments are not just made by a location that are only necessary for our events,” they explain. Moving to another venue was not an option. “At almost all locations in the Netherlands there are only a limited number of permits. These have often all been granted or there are already competing events. You also don’t want to get in each other’s way and respect each other. We also think that Autotron is a really nice location and that will simply become excellent due to these adjustments.”

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New system against the heat: “From now on always pleasant temperature”

In recent years it regularly got quite hot on the dancefloor. “Recently at VWAB it rained outside and the shutters closed, causing the temperature inside to rise,” says Shockerz Events about the problem. However, this is necessary to get rid of the heat, so there is now a solution. “Special hoods are now being made for the shutters so that they can always be opened – even during rain. The ventilation system will also be upgraded and the temperature in the hall will be pleasant from now on.”

“Autotron will be excellent with these adjustments”

To finish it off, the hall will be painted black within a few months and many windows will disappear. “It becomes a real black box, so you get much less daylight and everything looks darker.” In addition, the traffic plan is examined together with the location. “Of course it is difficult when people are leaving and everyone wants to go home at the same time. But with the right coordination and with motivated traffic controllers it will be much better, so that the long queues when everyone goes home will disappear.” The flow is also being addressed, more on this later.

Resonate and Vroeger Was Alles Beter are the next harder styles events to take place in the upgraded Autotron on the 21st and 28th of October 2023. After that, Shockerz and the returned Origins will make use of all upgrades on 16 and 23 December.

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