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The weekend is almost here, and that means Qlimax 2015 is within reach. With ‘Equilibrium’ as this year’s theme, Q-dance seeks the perfect balance between sound and image. A recent interview with Jonas and Mark, two main characters behind the creative brain of Q-dance, already reveals a few things for Saturday.

Expectations get higher every year. That’s why Q has to pull every trick in the book to blow the audience’s minds, and they’re certainly planning to do so.

When asking how they will translate this year’s theme into the event, Mark answers: “As you saw in the trailer, we immerse in a unified field of vibrations. Together, we create this big energy field, and when you are there, and part of the whole, you feel that you are part of Qlimax.” Jonas adds: “It’s larger than life. You can’t put it into words – when you leave, something has changed. Equilibrium – people resonate with each other from all levels of society and places around the world. It is the music that unites!”

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Nice words, but also pretty vague. Q likes to keep things mysterious, and we can’t blame them. To turn Qlimax into an unforgettable experience, the organization tends to keep close contact with the artists each year. They explain why they deserve to be playing at Qlimax, and what their specific role is during the evening. Besides that Q-dance creates a special show for each set, so every tracklist is carefully discussed in detail. By the way, will there be lasers?

“Lasers are just one ingredient. We’re big fans of lasers! That’s why we always order a shitload, but everyone can buy groceries at the same store.  For us, it’s all about the recipes. We use our ingredients in different ways throughout the night; video, lights, staging, and of course, motion, are other ingredients. This show will have a lot of motion – the surroundings will change.”

The show contains have a lot of motion, the surroundings will change? That sounds like something that you absolutely can’t afford to miss! Qlimax has been experimenting with movement before, just look at the 2013 edition where the stage unveiled its true form in three different stages. Unfortunately Qlimax 2015 won’t be streamed on YouTube, but you can however still tune in to Q-dance Radio for a live broadcast of the event.

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And don’t worry, Hard News will be present to capture the neccesary video footage, which we will all present you the day after. Perfect for your relaxing Sunday-afternoon.

Source: EDM.com

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