Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Art of Dance has announced Sub Sonik will make the very first REVOLT Festival anthem. This brand new harder styles festival has chosen to do something special with this track, since there’s a hardcore artist who will make a remix as well.

In the past, Sub Sonik has made already a few anthems for festivals, including Free Festival and Indicator. This time he may do it for the German REVOLT Festival and he does that with MC Tha Watcher. The raw hardstyle DJ already explains to the organisation something about the atmosphere of his upcoming track: “When I think of the word revolt, I think about rebellious, riots and a new start. With this elements in mind I tried to combine them into the anthem – also keeping in mind that it’s an outdoor festival, so creating a big and spacious atmosphere was a must. Finally, of course has the anthem the authentic Sub Sonik sound.”

There’s something special happening with the anthem of Sub Sonik, since Korsakoff will make a hardcore remix of it – so we can expect a hardstyle and hardcore version of the track very soon.

Sub Sonik will make the REVOLT Festival anthem

REVOLT Festival takes place on the 25th of May at Industriepark Pferdsfeld in Germany. The anthem of the festival will be released on the 24th of April at WE R. For more information about the festival and the interview with Sub Sonik, go to the official website of Art of Dance.

Photo by Facebook page Sub Sonik

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