Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

The 15th edition of Decibel Outdoor took place less than a month ago. This event is famous for the sunny weather, great atmosphere, creative stagedesign and ofcourse good music. Also, there were a lot of camera’s this year. Which was great, because of that, the aftermovie of Decibel Outdoor 2017 came online yesterday. In order to give you an impression or to remember you of what happened at this edition, we gathered some information and made a quick summary.

The festivaltheme of this year was Destination Decibel. The whole festivalarea was divided in to six districts, each with its own theme and musicstyles to represent:

  • Mainstage (Every harder style there is)
  • The Forest (Everything with hardcore higher than 160BPM)
  • The Road (Everything with early and oldschool, including hardstyle and hardcore)
  • The Lake (Everything with modern hardstyle, including euphorical and rawstyle)
  • The Beach (Everything with freestyle)
  • The Weekend (All parties for campingvisitors, including kick-off en afterparties with all the genres)

Each of these stages appear frequently in the aftermovie. Besides that, there are other scenes where festivalvisitors go nuts on the music played by the DJ’s who turn their whole stage upside down. The awesome decor, the sexy dancers and good music shouldn’t forgot to be mentioned either. As you have read before, all music regarding the harder styles is played at Decibel Outdoor. However, this wide offer of music unfortunately is nowhere to be found back in the aftermovie since the following two tracks were played: Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators – Destination (Decibel Outdoor 2017 Anthem) and Estatic & Sogma – Warcry. Although, the tracks do fit in the aftermovie very well.

Then, several months ago, our rawstyle goddess, better known as Deetox, was struck by lighting during thunder. After months of revalidation, she returned to performing at Decibel Outdoor with a banger of a set. One of the first tracks that she played was Crypsis & Luna – Torture. We thought this was quite ironical, since the vocals in the song say: ‘I got struck by lightning in the thunder..’

All together, Decibel Outdoor was a succeeded party and the aftermovie of it is a beautiful remembrance to remind all the festivalelements included. See the video below for the aftermovie:

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