Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

You know¬†the DJ Mag Top 100, but since 2014 there is a new list. This list only contains female dj’s and is called the DJaneMag Top 100. Obviously the list contains hard dance artists, so we decided to write down all the lovely hard ladies that got featured in it.

In 2014 the list got published for the first time and JUICY M was the #1 that year. Things changed for the list in 2015 and four hard dance artists entered the Top 100. DaY-mar was the highest female hard dance artist of the world that year with position #15.

This year the Top 100 extended with even more hard dance artists. In total there are eight hard dj’s in the list and one just outside the Top 100 at #105 (Amada). Korsakoff has the honour to be the highest ranked female hard dance artist of the world at #11.

DJaneMag Top 100 2016:
#11 Korsakoff
#20 AniMe
#22 Miss K8
#24 DaY-mar
#51 Deetox
#59 Stephanie
#64 Lady Faith

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