Michel van Rossum
By Michel van Rossum

The festival and indoor season of 2017 has almost ended. We can look back at some great festivals and indoor events. Many amazing moments have been captured on camera by Michel van Rossum (Rossumedia). Mighty fireworks, great mainstages and the return of a legend, we present to you the 20 of the most beautiful pictures of this season.

Michel van Rossum: “2017 has been a rollercoaster. Visiting so many cool places around the world while touring with Brennan Heart, the year flew by!

It wasn’t easy for me to put together a top 10 of photos of the past year. Because I’ve been to so many cool places and got to photograph so many awesome festivals and places. I’ve decided to just pick those photo’s which have a cool story behind them.”

1. Singapore
Singapore is a special place to me. As a kid me and my family were supposed to move there for a few years for my dad’s work at the time. But last minute the whole thing got cancelled and we never ended up moving. Since then it has always been on my bucket list and this year we had a long layover there on our way to China.

2. Defqon.1 Bungee
Photographing Defqon 1. Festival never gets old, there is so much to see. Everyone wants that one shot of the endshow on Saturday. Lucky for me I got to go into the bungee (which was cold as fuck) and watch the whole show from above.

3. Intents 180 family photo
I take ‘family photos’ all the time, but this one is different. During the Roughstate showcase at Intents Festival I wanted to try having everyone turn around and face me for a change. It was such a rush when it worked!

I love this photo because it is the first event I’ve been personally involved in organizing. It was really different to be part of a team and host an event for a change. But a very rewarding experience in the end!

5. Radical Redemption
Shot during Radical Redemption’s night in Breda. I remember being on stage and seeing Joey look around in disbelief.

There is a few places you need to visit if you are a hardstyle fan, and Chili is one of them. The fans over there are so energetic.  I instantly forgot about my jetlag when photographing this event.

7. EDC from the chopper
One of those moments I will never forget. Flying over EDC with a helicopter at night. And the next day the trip got even better when we took a helicopter to fly through the Grand Canyon.

8. LA Nights
I have a very personal connection with LA. I’ve spent many vacations there and met many friends  over the years. Brennan Heart had to play in an old stock exchange in downtown LA and it turned out to be one of the best gigs of the year.

9. Reverze
This photo has no real story behind it other than that I loved the way it turned out. The lighting, the crowd, the DJ, everything turned out the way I wanted it to be in this one.

10. Coone at Tomorrowland
This was my favorite Black & White photo of 2017.

Besides the top 10 there are ten more pictures Michel van Rossum wants to share with you:

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