Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

The list of artists who will release a album has just increased. E-Force is the next in line who will release an album. In a teaser on YouTube he announced his new masterpiece is coming and finally gave it a name: The Edge of Insanity.

It’s not clear when the new album of E-Force will be released, but in an earlier livestream he gave away a lot of other information about it. There will be approximately 20 tracks on the album, the remix with Adaro & E-Force of ‘Warface – FTP’ and there will be also be a hardcore track featured on it.

Loads of collabs
But that’s not all, because E-Force also revealed that there will be a lot of collaborations on the album. He sat down with Psyko Punkz, Luna, Regain, Jack of Sound, Bass Chaserz, Warface, Radical Redemption and Frequencerz. Hopefully there will be new information soon and we don’t have to wait too long, but ’till that we can enjoy his other work.

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