Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

Several strange videos have been popping up on the internet the past few days. The videos display several Hardstyle artists in their younger years. In the videos the artists join, what seem to be Project F.E.A.R. Each video ends with a single question: ‘’Are you Fearless?’’ Up until now, it seems to be some sort of campaign against bullying.

It started with the video of Sub Sonik. Because of this, some people thought it was a new project of Sub Sonik. This got negated quickly because Ran-D, Delete and Crypsis also posted about Project F.E.A.R.

The question remains: What is Project F.E.A.R? At this point, we don’t know what Project F.E.A.R. is, but we’re very curious! You can sign up for Project F.E.A.R. on project-fear.com. Guess we just need to be patient in order to get the answers we’re looking for!

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