Peter de Valck
By Peter de Valck

Ilmar Hansen, also known as Sub Sonik, is a Dutch raw hardstyle artist. He is responsible for tracks like ‘Go Fuck Yourself’, ‘Look At Me Now’ and ‘MF Psycho’. Born in 1993, this guy from Haarlem had the ingenious idea to remix the notorious hit ‘Sandstorm’.

‘Sandstorm’ is a trancesong from 1999 and made by the Finnish producer Darude. The track became an internetmeme after a popular Twitch-gaming channel used the track in one of their videos. People on YouTube started answering questions like “Which track is this?!” with the answer ‘Darude – Sandstorm’. This also happened quite frequently with videos from Sub Sonik.

That’s when Ilmar decided to do something about it. As a joke he the following to his fans on Facebook: “If this post reaches 1000 likes I’ll make a remix of the track that has had almost 40.000.000 views on the official YouTube channel of Darude.” The post reached 1000 likes within two days and that’s when Sub Sonik didn’t really have a choice anymore. This resulted in a lot of positive reactions. When the track was finished he decided to play it at Fatality and a video that was made there received almost 100.000 views in a matter of days. It was clear as day, the hype was MF real!

Today Sub Sonik uploaded the official preview and you are among the first to listen to it. “It’s a MF Sandstorm!”


  • You're wrong 08 April 2016 - 18:33

    Actually the idea came about after tons of people asked what the answer was for Hard Bass, since there was none people just answered “Darude – Sandstorm” which is how Sub Sonik got the idea :)

  • spellingmistake 08 April 2016 - 18:33

    answer = anthem


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