Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

Pursuit of Thunder was able to make the whole hardstyle community go insane. The album was received so amazing that Phuture Noize was allowed to play on many big events this year. During his acts, the audience went completely crazy. Performances on Dominator Festival, QAPITAL and the mainstage of Intents Festival confirm this fact. Now it’s time to end the story of Pursuit of Thunder with the upcoming release of the The Aftershock EP.

The DJ announced on Facebook yesterday that his new release will include three extra tracks. Expectations are that it won’t be anything ordinary, since artists like Promo, B-Front and MYST will be remixing older tracks of Phuture Noize. Which track B-Front is going to edit is unfortunately yet to be unknown, however it has been revealed what tracks are going to be remixed by Promo and MYST:

– Breathin’ (Promo remix)
– Chaos & Order (MYST remix)

Phuture Noize already published a preview of ‘Strike You Down’. This track will also be featured on The Aftershock EP. Many fans reacted on the Facebook-post that the EP could possible surpass the album. If this is true of not, is hard to tell. Anyways, the track was received very well at the audience of Phuture Noize.

The Aftershock EP will be released in the nearby future. The DJ revealed this information by using the hashtag ‘#soon’. It hasn’t been revealed when the exact releasedate is yet. In order to get an early impression of the episode, you could listen the Pursuit of Thunder here:


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