Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

Many distinctive tracks have been released on the label Superplastik, a sub-division of Fusion Records, from 2003 till 2009. The Pitcher’s career really started to take off in this period because of his tracks ‘I Just Can’t Stop’ & ‘Serenity’. Time has past and the Hardstyle has been subjected to changes. Many old tracks are forgotten or aren’t interesting enough to be played at events anymore, because the current sound differs to much from the old sound.

In 2014 The Pitcher came with a glimmer of hope, because he had found a demo on an old harddisk. This demo contained tracks with the typical Hardstyle sound from the past. The track got named ‘Just An Unfinished Demo, I Found On An Old Harddisk, I Forgot About’ and can be listened to here on Hardstyle Quantum 12, a podcast of The Pitcher. Thereafter they haven’t done anything with the demo.

The Pitcher started his liveset on De Tijdmachine (The Time Machine) with a new track called ‘Together As One’. The track immediately received positive feedback from the crowd, because the tracks reminds them of the old Pitcher. The track was used for the aftermovie of De Tijdmachine because of this.

A hopeful message appeared on the official Facebook Page of The Pitcher:
”Remember this old harddisk we got crashed? We got it RECOVERED and found gold on it. It is full of unreleased tracks that no one has ever heard. Some of them are finished, others are unfinished demo’s.

We want to share these “brand new tracks” with you. For us it feels like going back in time to experience that feeling again like when we fell in love with the typical hardstyle sound. That feeling is back and we would love to share it with you, the passionate hardstyle community. This harddisk is our timecapsule and we are so glad we found it!

Want the full experience and really go back in time with us? It’s possible. More info soon…”

Based on the above, we can conclude that The Pitcher is going to do more with his typical sound. Perhaps, the above-mentioned tracks will be released within the foreseeable future. We’re really looking forward to this.


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