Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

On the 18th op April, E-force’s new album called Edge Of Insanity will be released. He will celebrate this with an album release party at the Honingcomplex in Nijmegen on the 15th of April. Last night, he put the full tracklist of his new album online on his Facebook page for you guys to enjoy and until now, the fans are all really excited.

The album contains a total of 24 tracks and is filled with collabs and remixes. There are collabs with artists like Delete, Luna, Radical Redemption en Warface featured on the album and remixes done by Devin Wild, Digital Punk and Tha Playah. Besides the collabs and the remixes, a lot of solo tracks are featured as well.

Some tracks that are on the album are already known by the public. Tracks like ‘Kill The Noise (With Luna)’, ‘Here Comes The Boom (With Sub Zero Project)’ and ‘Men Of Steel (Tha Playah Remix)’ have been doing very well on the dancefloor. ‘The Edge Of Insanity’, The Dead Trap’ and ‘One Of A Million’ are examples of new tracks on the album. Check the full tracklist below.


Photo’s: E-Force

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