Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

The Netherlands leads the way when it comes to festivals. Sometimes it may happen that you are not able to go anymore and have to sell your ticket. Previously, TicketSwap was the leader for second-hand sales, but now other sellers such as Eventim and Ticketmaster will come with their own platform for ticket sales too. 

Eventim and Ticketmaster are launching their own service at the end of this year to sell bought tickets for events. Both services will cooperate with the Dutch concert organizer MOJO: they organize about 200 concerts and events each year, such as Metallica in the Johan Cruijff Arena and North Sea Jazz with 70.000 visitors. Besides that, they are the best known and biggest concert promotor in the Netherlands.

The new platform must ensure that visitors always can enter an event, according to the Dutch newspaper AD. The original barcode of the ticket will be invalidated and a new one will appear. “Otherwise, someone can still sell a ticket multiple times and only the first one who comes with that ticket has access. So that means that everybody else with the ticket can’t enter the event”, according to the representative of the services.

The best known player of second-hand tickets is TicketSwap and Eventim and Ticketmasters are going to compete with this service. According to, TicketSwap says that they stand for safe resale. Also they said that they are open for a collaboration with Ticketmaster and Eventim.

Eventim and Ticketmaster are going to compete with TicketSwap

Ticketmaster will come with the newest platform at the end of this year. This means that there is no risk of not entering your favorite party. But what’s even better: buy your ticket on time before it’s sold out.

Photo by Facebook-page Intents Festival 

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