Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

After a sold-out first indoor edition last September, TRINITY is taking the next step towards the festival season. The outside area of Autotron in Den Bosch will take center stage on May 11, 2024 as the epic backdrop for fans of RAW hardstyle. TRINITY Festival promises to be a 100% extra RAW festival with the best names in the scene.

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Quite a few teasers have already appeared on TRINITY’s socials over the past week. With quotes such as “Something is coming. Don’t worry. You’re safe here,” and “Forget your past. All is forgiven,” the organization created quite a hype, because what would be announced? A new indoor edition? After a week of speculation, the news has finally emerged that TRINITY is broadening its horizons; the first TRINITY Festival is planned for May next year.

TRINITY announces new festival

The ambition of TRINITY Festival is clear: you can expect a lot from the extra raw festival. The organization is going big and will immediately come up with three different areas and a great line-up with the best (extra) RAW hardstyle artists of the moment.

Hard News can give you a sneak peek: the second stage will be hosted exclusively by an act. Which act this is and who else is on the line-up will be announced on Thursday, December 28. Want to be the first to know about the line-up announcement and ticket sales? Register now for pre-registration via this link.

You enter a lost world on the festival grounds. Abandoned structures and graffiti logos on the walls give the impression of a world that was once vibrant, but now rests in silence. The theme, inspired by series such as The Last of Us and The Walking Dead, will play a major role in the decoration of the festival. “In a world turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland by an unknown disaster, the grounds of Landsard are a haven for survivors. But that doesn’t mean it’s a carefree place…”

“Follow us into the light”

The outside area of Autotron in Den Bosch will be home to the brand new outdoor extra RAW festival. For more information, visit the event’s official website, and don’t forget the follow button on Instagram and Facebook. There you will be kept informed about TRINITY Festival ticket sales, line-up announcements and more. You can buy tickets from Thursday, December 28, 18:00.

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