Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

Yesterday, Hard Driver and Wildstylez announced through a post on their Facebookpage that the two are working on a collab. We can expect a track with two different styles as Hard Driver bends towards the raw side of Hardstyle and Wildstylez bends towards the euphoric side of Hardstyle.

Joram Metekohy, a.k.a. Wildstylez, was part of big news the last couple of months as he and Headhunterz returned to the Hardstyle as Project One at Qlimax. The crowd welcomed them like no other, it was overwhelming for them. Joram is part of the Hardstyle scene for a long time and with classics as ‘Clubbin”, ‘Life’z a Bitch’ and ‘Tonight’ it’s not a surprise that he performs at parties that have the classic sound as a theme.

Freek van Kempen, a.k.a. Hard Driver, is also an artist that has been in the Hardstyle scene for a long time. In the beginning of his career as dj/producer, Freek wore a motorhelmet as a disguise for his real identity. In 2013 he decided that it was time to reveal himself and it turned out that he was Fenix, a jump/freestyle artist. Since then he focuses on making Hardstyle and is he part of the live-act Public Enemies together with Digital Punk. He was also part of the duo Ambassador Inc. in which he cooperated with Coone.

The track they are working on could get the name ‘Get Wild Go Hard’. It’s not clear that this will be the name of the track, but they used the same hashtag on the Facebook post. Neither is clear when the track will be released.

Wildstylez x Hard Driver


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