Bas van  Herk
By Bas van Herk

Recently Unresolved posted some information on his Facebookpage about a upcoming production with the uptempo team Scarphase. This collaboration is quite noticable, since raw-artists usually leave the uptempo genre on its own. That’s why we are extremely curious about what these different styles will generate.

Unresolved is known for his ability to produce hard rawstyle-tracks, like ‘West Coast’, ‘Gangsta’ and the banger ‘Nuclear’ with Jason Payne for example. Besides, this member of Gearbox  Digital is often recognized by his unusual hard styles and as a festivalvisitor you most certainly have heard one of his tracks live. Normally, Unresolved does not produce uptempo on this DJ name, but he has his own alias for it, called UKR Resistance. Since Igor is producing with his rawstyle-name, we are hoping for some raw influences and kicks with this production.

Then, ofcourse Scarphase will bring its contribution as well. This team, that consists out of Partyraiser and F.Noize, is since their first performance at Masters of Hardcore in 2016  known for their fast and hard beats at a minimal tempo of 200BPM. The DJ duo has already created two anthems, which are the one of Snakepit (Enter The Snakepit ft. Tha Watcher) and BKJN (Chaos Of The Mayans – & Angernoizer ft. Tha Watcher).

In the reactions of the Facebookpost Unresolved mentioned that the tempo of their track will be at 200BPM for sure. But, we all hope that their focus will be wider than only on the tempo. Hereby there is wished for a variety between kicks of both DJ’s for a optimal collaboration and production. Besides the expectation, Unresolved already gave a subtle hint of what is coming. In the Facebookmessage he mentioned: ‘YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THIS’. This information obviously explains that their upcoming track is an absolute bomb that will be played as a closing track during one of Unresolved’s shows.

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