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Is hardstyle your passion, and do you enjoy sharing that passion with others? Yes? Then we’d love to invite you to start blogging for Hard News. You can choose to write just once, or make it a regular thing.

Why blog for Hard News?
Hard News is an online news portal dedicated to the hardstyle scene. We cover everything from news, artists, music, events and more. Hard News will soon launch a brand new website, we want to develop ourselves as a true hardstyle platform. In order to achieve this we’re looking to collaborate with writers/bloggers/reporters, people who are just as passionate about this music and scene as we are.

Writing a blog for our website is a great way to get your name out there, and to put yourself on an online stage where you’ll reach thousands of hardstyle fans.

Where will your blog appear?
The all new Hard News website will have a separate ‘Blog’ page, where all the articles written by our editorial office and our bloggers will appear. A small photo and your name will appear at the top of every blog you have written. Besides that, every blog will be tweeted to our 57,500+ followers, and we’ll publish a great number of blogs on our Facebook page, which currently has over 82,000 followers.

I want to blog, what should I do?
Are you highly active within the scene and/or are you someone who likes to dig deeper in order to discover interesting (hard) news? Send us an email at info@hardnews.nl, and let us know what you’ve already got in mind, we’d love to know what you’d like to write about. We’re looking for bloggers with their finger on the pulse. Bloggers who can write pieces about both what’s big in hardstyle at the moment, but can also identify what’s going to be the next hot topic.
You’re not allowed to post either press messages or articles that are simply self-promotion. We are looking for proper content. If you ever have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@hardnews.nl.

The written content will always remain your property, but by writing for our website you are giving Hard News permission to carefully use your content on our media channels like Twitter and Facebook. The amount of blogs is entirely up to you. Some people like to blog every week, whilst others rather blog once every month. We prefer unique content that match the subjects on our website, because unique and original content is better for both the blogger, our readers and our website. It is not a problem if you publish the blogs you have written on your own website.

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