Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

War Force, the joint live-formation of Warface and E-Force, hasn’t stopped completely yet. This has been confirmed by Warface via his Instagram stories, in which he answered statements from fans.

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After Warface and E-Force joined forces, the War Force act managed to make an impressive mark in period of a year and a half. Think of their two Supremacy anthems (including the Australian edition) and performances at Defqon.1, Reverze and Intents Festival: 12 in total. Yet the duo called it quits after giving away a brand new album to every visitor at a sold-out Shockerz in 2017.

The door was not immediately closed completely by War Force (“What happens next shall remain a mystery”) and many fans were hoping for a return of the live act. Conclusion: it is not true that War Force will never return. In other words: a return is certainly possible.

There is still hope for a War Force return

But it is not yet known exactly when the comeback will take place. However, both DJs are on the same label, due to the addition of E-Force to End Of Line. And the official (old/current) War Force website is still active after more than 3 years. To be continued..?

Footage taken from Facebook page Supremacy

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