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By Nina van Zelst

After years of being a part of the hardstyle scene, releasing various albums and having bookings around the world, Warface will organise his very first solo-event at the end of this year. Warface presents: Live for This in the AFAS Live will be the crowning of his career, and we got to speak with him about the road towards this milestone. 

On Saturday the 1st of December the AFAS Live will house thousands of Warface fans, which can definitely be seen as a major achievement. “I’ll be honest: I still can’t believe it. This is the dream for each artist: having your own solo-show. That I can add myself to the list of acts like Martin Garrix, Tiësto and Hardwell is just amazing, especially for a boy from a small village in Limburg.“ Even though the plans for the event were made a long time ago, Youri had to reschedule due to circumstances. “But that’s okay, I really feel like now is the right time.“ 

“With full pride I can say that I have that“

If we go back in time just a little bit, we arrive at the moment where the DJ announced Live for This in 2016. “LIVE FOR THIS is the connection between fan and artist. It is a unique thing: being able to say that as an artist you have a fanbase that supports you through bad and good times. With full pride I can say that I have that.“ Youri continues by telling how grateful he is for his fans. “This show is possible thanks to the fans. The party will not only be about me, but about everyone who has been part of the Warface journey so far.“

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon

The location of the solo-event will be the AFAS Live, also known as the former Heineken Music Hall. Youri tells that this location is everything but random, and that the AFAS Live has always been the goal. “From the moment I signed with Most Wanted DJ Agency we have never deviated from the goal, and we have worked our asses of in order to achieve it. So you can tell this is a big deal to Remco and myself.“ With that in mind, keeping the solo-show a secret was not hard for the DJ. Even for the people who participated in the trailer for the event, didn’t know what it was for. “I posted a message in the LFT community, asking for volunteers for a project: a documentary which I won’t be releasing until 2019. At the trailershoot no one came to me to ask what the trailer was really about, so they kind of bought it. Sorry about that, haha!

“The people who used to tell us it wouldn’t work out, now come to us and kiss our asses from front to back“

In the trailer, Warface talks about passion and perseverance. This because he had to deal with some setbacks in the course of his career. “We got to hear that it would never work out from various artists and organisations. Our music would suck and it would never be interesting for a crowd.“  Because of this the men created a ‘fuck-you mentality’, and see themselves as the greatest example of showing balls and doing your own thing. “The people who used to tell us it wouldn’t work, now come to us and kiss our asses from front to back. Fuck that shit, idiots.”

Youri also had to deal with health-related issues. In between the releases of Art of War and The 9 Circles he developed a chronic bowel disease, also known as colitis ulcerosa. Because he didn’t want to brag about it, people thought he was on drugs and alcohol. “You have seen me struggle with my weight and looks, but nobody knew what was really going on. I would not take advantage of it, that isn’t who I am.” Luckily the DJ is doing much better now, and using less medication. “I know what I can handel now, and what I can’t do. Now I only have to work off my belly and then I will be an even happier man than I am now, haha!”

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen en nacht

Warface is known for his typical style of music. He calls his style ‘the anti-sound’. “A lot of people had an opinion when I started to get more serious bookings. They thought it wasn’t hardstyle anymore, that it was garbage and bla..bla..bla. We were really seen as an anti-sound at that point.” Nevertheless, Warface managed to build a large fanbase that did support his sound. “I think Art of War with Nolz was the track that put me on the map, and that the fans relate to as the pure Warface sound.”

“I’ll be doing something very special with my Heavy Artillery – Live Act”

Back to the present time, where Warface presents: Live for This is getting closer. Besides his whole family and all of his best friends, the artists in the line-up are also very familiar with each other. “The line-up will consist of artists with whom I am very close, but who also represent the sound of this moment very well.” Even though Youri cannot tell who will be on the line-up yet, he can give away something else. “I’ll be doing something very special with my Heavy Artillery – Live Act. My gig in the End of Line Bunker at Q-BASE was decisive to do something with this act. And no, it will not be a classics set.”

Previous Live for This nights were paired with a new album. Whether this is the case now, the DJ does not want to tell us yet. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out. Keep an eye out on my socials in the near future. For now, I hope to see you all at the AFAS Live!“

Warface presents: Live for This will be held the 1st of December at the AFAS Live. Tickets are still available via the official website of the event:

Footage via Facebook-page Warface

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