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Warface‘s career is absolutely sky-rocketing. In 2014 they started their own label End of Line and from that moment on things went really fast. He already has two albums (‘Art of War and ‘The Nine Circles’) and multiple releases on his name, which has lead to countless bookings all around the world. He is quickly becoming one of the big boys in the scene.


As a new milestone Warface decided to release a documentary about his extreme growth as an artist. The idea for the documentary, called ‘Ascension’, was to tell his fans all about the past year and everything he has achieved since.

“The documentary is about the growth of Warface between the release of my album ‘Art of War’ and ‘The Nine Circles’. I take you with me on my bookings, behind the scenes, in my studio and on the road abroad. All of this is mixed with interviews with other artists.”

The original idea was to release the documentary together with the album ‘The Nine Circles’, but unfortunately they decided to postpone it. Lucky for us the day has come to watch his 49-minute tribute to 2015.

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