Thomas Sterks
By Thomas Sterks

After the album ‘The Nine Circles’ Warface definitely didn’t decide to take it easy for a while. He released numerous tracks afterwards and even released his own documentary recently. Now he has another new thing, called ‘The Remix Project’. This project includes four artists who have each made a remix of one of his earlier releases. Those artists are Delete, Destructive Tendencies, Requiem and D-Sturb.

‘The Remix Project’ will be released on End of Line on April 18. Let’s hope the previews won’t take too long to appear. Find out which tracks will be featured on the EP below.

Warface & Frequencerz- Menace ( D-Sturb Remix)
Warface & N-Vitral – Fvck The Drum Machine (Destructive Tendencies Remix)
Warface & Titan – Chainsaw (Delete Remix)
Warface – Leviathan (Requiem Remix)

warface remix project

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