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A little while ago Jon and Pontuz, better known as Wasted Penguinz, shared a post on their social media saying they just made their most experimental track ever. They were absolutely in love with it, which immediately gives us a happy feeling. It’s good for artists to experiment, because it keeps them fresh and it often leads to new ideas. However, we did get a little curious what the track would sound like.

Fortunately for us we didn’t have to wait very long, because Wasted Penguinz decided to host a livestream on YouTube last Friday. They used this opportunity to share their new track with the fans. And it wasn’t a short teaser, no they decided to play the full track. And that’s quite something, especially when you find out that the track is over 9(!) minutes long. Check out the track in the video below at 23 minutes.

“We really like it. It’s not often that you get goosebumps from your own tracks. Especially the second drop when everything comes together. We had so many melodies for this track, so Jon made one and Pontuz didn’t feel it and vice versa. In the end we made one together and it resulted in this great track.”

Wasted Penguinz are known for their euphoric hardstyle and often release tracks that tell a certain story. That’s also the case with their new experiment. The track takes you on a 9-minute trip through their vision on the euphoric side of hardstyle. It’s not yet known when the track will be released, but let’s hope it won’t take too long.

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