Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

A question that kept us, and no doubt many others with us, busy lately. Because now Headhunterz revealed his return to hardstyle publicly at Defqon.1 last Sunday, it’s pretty likely that he will rise the throne again of the podcast he started six years ago. During the interview this question came up and Willem couldn’t hide a smile when he heard it.

“We’re gonna bring that back too. Start the podcast again. The podcast is something I know I was good at doing. I loved talking about it and it always felt very natural for me. When I decided to come back one of the first things I knew was that I would bring back the podcast. But we’re not just going to bring it back, we’re going to make it extra special.

We want to bring something new to the table. We’re gonna make HARD with STYLE a real 2.0 version and implement video and make it a very special thing. We’re building my new studio at the moment and we’re going to use it in the future episodes. So the first couple of episodes will be what you’re used to from HARD with STYLE, to bring you a bit of nostalgia and then we’re going to upgrade it!

You just have to wait a little bit more to find out.”

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