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With many people come many preferences. This shows in every day life of course, but nowhere is it shown more obviously than on festival campsites. The question is: which kind of camper are you? We’ll show you the most notable types, so you’ll know to what group of campers you belong.

1. Nocturnal Neighbours

Every festival, especially hardstyle festivals, is flooded with these campers: the nocturnal neighbours. When you try to sleep, these campers thrive! Whether it is by blasting terror in the middle of the night, talking ‘til the early hours or bingedrinking beers untill daybreak: these campers do it all. These campers are rumoured to never sleep, as they want to make the most of their festivalvisit. However, the drive to stay awake comes at a cost: people in the tent next to these nocturnal neighbours won’t be able to recharge their internal batteries.

Airbeat One has a great solution for this age-old problem. They have split up the camping in a “loud” and a “quiet” part! When you enter the campsite you tell the personel if you want a quiet or loud weekend, and they’ll deliver. You’ll be placed with likeminded campers. If you want to go mental the entire day and night: you can. But if you want a nice rest: you can too.

2. “Royal Rester”

After a rough day of festivallife, some people just go K.O. once they go horizontally. Some people just want the bare basics as they only go to their tent to catch a few hours of sleep. Others prefer a more luxurious stay. They are so-called Royal Resters. They don’t want a normal tent, they won’t rest in such a mundane bedroom. They will not be seen near a tent or any other peasantly sleepingquarter.

The Royal Resters will spend their nights in more comfortable places, such as the lodges at Airbeat. Electricity, a mini-fridge, beds including mattrasses and ventilation vents. This lodge is the dream for every high maintenance camper or anyone who wants to treat themselves to a festival in style.

3. Survivalists

It’s always sad when you find out you forgot something very essential, like your mattress or pillow. Other people, although they are rare, are actually well-prepared. While most of us struggle to bring enough undies and socks to last an entire weekend, these survivalists bring enough supplies to last a nuclear war. Not only is everyone envious of their preparation, we all know that if we forget something, these people are our saviours. So praise the survivalists among us. They bring in countless useful tools onto the festivalgrounds for us to borrow and use. So the next time you see someone bring in 15 foldingchairs, a pump, a toolkit or a barbecue, show them some gratitude and pass them a beer!

4. Ill-prepared partypeople

As Newton stated in his laws of festivals: For every well-prepared partygoer, there must be an equal and opposite ill-prepared partygoer. This is common knowledge, but unfortunately there never was an equal distribution of people who are prepared and people who are not. With the favour for the latter. Statistically, most of us will forget something like the keys to our frontdoor, a pump for our airmattress, or clean socks. Luckily, every ill-prepared partygoer can count on their well-prepared counterparts! So make sure there is atleast one of these guys/girls in your partygroup, and your festivalstay will be blessed.

5. The real-estate tycoons

While some of us make it a contest who can bring the least and make everything as compact as possible, others want to live large. Some festivalgoers seem to be unable to leave their brickhouse behind them: they bring tents as big a villa. Even though they suffer while traveling with so much luggage, they enjoy the benefits during their festival stay. They can stand up straight in their massive tents, while the people with regular tents can hardly even sit up in their temporary homes. For everyone who, after reading this, thinks “damn, that sounds good, but I don’t have a tent like that!”, you can rent a tent/tippi like that at Airbeat One! That way, you can be a festival real-estate tycoon too.

6. The “I-can’t-hold-my-pee”-guy

There is nothing worse than feeling the irresistible urge to pee. It’s even worse when you’re already laying down in your cosy bed. Now picture all that, but you have to get out of your house to use the toilet. That’s the problem with festivals. And to be fair, most partygroups have one of these people. It’s annoying, regardless if it’s day- or nighttime, regardless if you are the person needing to pee, or the people that are with the pee-guy. So either train to hold your pee, or be prepared to get some cold feet while running for the bathroom at night.

7. People who bring their entire closet

Some people just can’t help it, but they always bring waaaaaay too much stuff while camping. Most festivals with campsites last about 3 days, but when you look at some of the suitcases and bags that people bring to these events, you’d think they are going for a trip around the universe. Even though it’s hard to pick the bare essentials, and you have to bring some spare clothing and such, don’t be a fool and bring loads of useless stuff: you won’t need half of it!

8. The Cheap-ass

Every once in a while a good splurge is a lot of fun. Not every budget is okay with this, but you’ve got to admit, spending money on a good time is money well spend. But, every responsible adult has to be able to sometimes say “No, that’s not something I want to spend my hard-earned cash on”. The problem is, when one of your friends takes this to the extreme: no spending at all, eating freshly picked grass, drinking water from rainpuddles and sleeping on a mattress of leaves to save money. Save your friends from this cheap fate, because no one wants to go out with that guy!

9. The Early-bird

When most of the festival campsite is still fast asleep, some myths speak of festivalgoers who have some very strange behaviour: waking up early, I don’t know, never heard about them. While you’re still stinking up your tent and trying to conquer your hangover, they are already ready to start the day. For most people at festivals, this seems to be merely a myth, but believe me: people like that actually exist! If you ever meet someone like that, ask them for their secrets, because they must have some kind of magical mattress, or mysterious earplugs, because it is definitly not human to be like that.

10. The Dumpsters

While most people at festivals act like decent humanbeings, everyone has a story about some people that turned their campingspot into a hazardous nuclear-dumpsite. Not only does everyone think you’re a pig, but your trash annoys other people. So don’t be human garbage: everything you dump is picked up by someone else. Airbeat One provides garbage bags with their camping tickets, so use them, everyone will be better off if you do.

11. Newbie Nuisance

Most of the festivalveterans can point them right out: festival newbies. These newbies can be found struggling throughout the entire festival. You can recognise them by their clumsy ways. They mostly bring weird items, don’t get the festivaletiquettes and make us go back tot he days that we were first-timers. So help them out, guide them in the ways and cherish the faces they make as they enter a festival for the first time. Plus, they can learn a thing or two from us, festival veterans.

Now you know which kind of people you can expect to see this festivalseason, especially on Airbeat One festival in Germany. Their camping is huge and split up in several parts, based on your preferences. So if you’re looking for a great party with a Q-dance stage host with Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers and many others: Airbeat One is the way to go! More info and tickets are available here.

Cover picture through Torsten Widua

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