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In little over two months Qlimax 2015 will be on the agenda and that calls for anthem speculations! Each year Q-dance does a great job keeping the creator a secret until the announcement. A while ago we asked our readers who they thought would make this year’s anthem.

This years anthem creator is Atmozfears with his track Equilibrium:

3. Wildstylez

At third place we find Wildstylez who beats Coone and Bass Modulators by a few votes. But Coone has already made the anthem of Defqon.1 last year and Bass Modulators haven’t performed at Qlimax yet, which is something that a lot of people believe is required to create the anthem.

With his presence on Qlimax 2010, 2012 and 2013, Wildstylez surely is no stranger to the GelreDome. Will 2015 be the perfect moment to crown this series with the creation of the Qlimax 2015 anthem? Although we are convinced that this gifted producer can create an anthem that fits the theme of Qlimax, would it also be something that suits him? Looking at the amount of votes Joram (Wildstylez) chances to create the Qlimax 2015 anthem aren’t as high as the next two gentlemen.

2. B-Front

If anyone deserves to produce the Qlimax 2015 anthem it’s B-Front. Not only does he have countless top notch bookings and releases to his name, his sound also seams to match the ongoing ‘darker and sinister’ theme of Qlimax perfectly. After “Immortal” by Gunz for Hire in 2013 and “The Source Code of Creation” by Noisecontrollers in 2014, perhaps this will be the year again for an anthem with a hint of raw.

Q-dance could also decide to pick the dream team of Hard Bass 2015 for this year’s anthem: B-Frontliner. A track like “World Outside” fits the Qlimax theme perfectly. Besides that both gentlemen have already performed at Qlimax. Unfortunately Frontliner has already announced that he won’t be making the anthem this year, because he has already produced the anthem of Defqon.1 Australia 2015.

If B-Front doesn’t turn out to be the producer of the Qlimax 2015 anthem, we sure hope he will return to the line-up. The man himself already admitted to dream of making the anthem one day:

1. Atmozfears

*Drumroll* Our number 1 for the Qlimax 2015 anthem is definitely Atmozfears! This man has sky-rocketed to the top in the past couple of years. It seems there is nothing this man can’t roll out of his studio. Obviously the most votes went to this artist.

But he also didn’t go unnoticed from the big promoters. He has performed on the mainstages of Defqon.1, Q-dance @ Tomorrowland, The Qontinent and Q-dance @ Mysteryland. But that’s not all, because he will also be performing on the mainstages of Q-BASE and Defqon.1 Australia. Add the fact that he made his debut performance at Qlimax last year and 1 + 1 = 3, don’t you think?

But not only Q-dance sees high potential in him, because b2s has allowed him to produce the weekend anthem of Decibel Outdoor this year. Oh, and he was also on the line-up 3(!) times. Besides that his hit-track “Release” is already believed to be the track of the year by many.

This article is written based on the amount of votes and rumours. It is not yet certain nor officially announced who will produce the anthem of Qlimax 2015. Keep an eye on our website for more information.

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