Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Raw lovers pay close attention: this Christmas an event you definitely don’t want to miss is coming your way. During a brand new edition of This Is RAW a huge amount of raw hardstyle heroes will unite for a true Christmas spectacle. We’ll give you 10 different reasons why you for sure want to celebrate Christmas at This Is RAW.

1. The place to be for all raw hardstyle soldiers

The new edition of This Is RAW will be the ultimate place to be if the perfect kickroll makes your heart beat faster. In only a few weeks, countless of raw hardstyle soldiers will unite for already the 4th edition of this event, and the upcoming 9 points will definitely prove why you and your friends want to be a part of this as well…

2. Huge and diverse line-up

For This Is RAW, over 30 artists have been invited in order to provide you with the hardest beats. This means you will be able to enjoy a large variety within the raw hardstyle genre, from the old and new sound all the way to the extreme raw and everything in between: here there’s truly somethig for everybody.

3. “Your ultimate raw Christmas”

Is there a better way to celebrate your Christmas, then during a hard ass raw gathering? No, we thought so! Raw & Christmas obviously makes a perfect combination, and This Is RAW knows this like no other. This is why they will transform Boxing Day into a truly hard holiday, to make it a Christmas to remember forever (or not…).

4. Popular artists behind the decks

The This Is RAW 2019 line-up won’t let down a raw hardstyle lover. From Rejecta, Act of Rage and Delete to Killshot, Malice and Rooler: the biggest names within the scene are flying left right and center. To top it all off, none other than Public Enemies will be the exclusive ones taking place behind the decks LIVE. Have a look at the entire line-up down below.

This is the This Is RAW 2019 line-up:

Radical Redemption | Partyraiser | Act Of Rage | Adaro | E-Force | Rebelion | Delete | Rooler | Public Enemies LIVE | Rejecta | Sub Sonik | Caine | Jason Payne | Malice | Unresolved | Killshot | RVAGE | Thyron | Ncrypta | Mind Dimension| The Straikerz | Psychopathics | Vyral | The Purge | Sins of Insanity | D-Verze | Art of Unity | Saphera | MC Tha Watcher | The Syntax MC | MC Barricade 

5. Not one, not two, but THREE areas!

The names listed above will spread out across 3 (!) areas, which ensures this edition of This Is RAW promises to be the biggest one yet. This also means you will be able to walk in rounds more than enough, visit more than enough artists and make more than enough kickrolls fly through the entire building.

6. Radical Redemption vs. Act of Rage battle incoming

For the new edition there is also a rock hard battle coming your way, during which none other than Radical Redemption and Act of will battle against each other in the mainstage’s DJ booth. “These two heavyweights will perform a deadly battle”, and you definitely don’t want to miss it!

7. End your Christmas in the hardest way possible

This Is RAW 2019 will take place on Thursday the 26th of December – Boxing Day – from 22:00 until 06:00. These are therefore the very final hours of Christmas, which you can end perfectly in the hardest way possible. “No boring family dinners” anymore, but taking your rave family to the (second to) last party of 2019!

8. And close down the party hardcore with Partyraiser

Not only your Christmas will have a hard ending thanks to This Is RAW, because also the event will have a hardcore closing being blasted through the speakers. The hardcore hero Partyraiser will bump up the BPM on the 26th of December during the final hour, so you can replace your kickrolls for a good old hak.

9. The hard Time Out in Gemert

This Is RAW will take place in the well-known Time Out Gemert. This location has seen plenty of hardstyle and hardcore events, which makes this a great reasons why you don’t want to miss this party either. The crystal clear sound system will make sure you will be able to enjoy the best of raw hardstyle to the absolute most.

10. Buy your tickets now!

Because ticket sales are going even faster than the new edition of This Is RAW promises to be hard. By now, over 7500 die hards have registered for a night completely filled with “sound destruction”, so make sure you get yours in time as well. Kickrolling during Christmas, who wouldn’t want this?

This is RAW 2019 will take place Boxing Day on the 26th of December at Time Out Gemert. Tickets for this raw Christmas spectacle are still available via the official website of the event, on which you’ll also find more info.

Footage via official Facebook-page This Is RAW

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