• Naam Aleandro Bollino & Davide Guernieri
  • Land Italië
  • Verjaardag 3 december & 2 oktober
  • Label Gearbox Digital
  • Boekingen Pure Bookings

Malice are the explosive duo from Italy who together, form what is probably the Rawest and Hardest Hardstyle act in the business.

Aleandro Bollino and Davide Guernieri formed “Malice” in 2013. Aleandro already had two years of experience with producing Hardstyle before starting the duo, and when Davide joined forces with him, this is when shit got serious.

Malice delivers powerful music full of raw elements, with their own unique style of cutting effects and intricate and complex kick and vocal variations. These guys really are the hardest in the business and should definitely come with a warning label that states ‘WARNING – Expect It Raw’