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Music has always been a part of Mandy’s life. Her father was a DJ so from a very young age she got in contact with music. When Mandy was seven years old she started listening to jump / tek / Hardstyle. The years flew by, but not the passion for music.

On her 15th Mandy her dream came true, playing for a small audience (Jump / Tekstyle). Slowly her style changed to Hardstyle, and then ‘Man-D’ was born. In the beginning of her career Mandy played in clubs like: Highstreet, Complex, Cherrymoon, etc.

Through her persistency and passion for music she started to grow in the DJ world. At the age of 16 years, she was already playing for some major festivals like Daydream Festival, Beachland Festival, The Qontinent, Sunset Festival, etc. Man-D is now called MANDY.