• Naam Jeffrey van Zanten
  • Land Nederland, The Netherlands
  • Label Fusion Records
  • Boekingen Supreme Agency
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Jeffrey van Zanten, also known as Nightfall, is a new upcoming talent in the Hardstyle scene. Back in 2006, he fell in love for the harder styles of music, and started to practice behind the decks and studio. Inspired by names like Brennan Heart, Noisecontrollers, Zatox and Ran-D kept hem going to improve his DJ skils and producer technigques. In 2012 he appeared at ‘Dedicated’, and soon after became the resident DJ of club Brothers.

In 2014 he started project Nightfall to become a serious musical artist with one goal; to establis himself in the Hardstyle scene. A month after he started the project he competed with others in the X-Qlusive Frontliner DJ contest and made it to the finals. This experience motivated him to keep on going.

His sounds is best decribed by stunning melodies combined with screaming noises and hard pounding kicks, that are ment to be played from dusk till down. His dedication and enthusiasm on the stage makes him a primes for the future.

So keep an eye on this guy, because when the night falls he means business.