Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

The most brutal kicks and hardest tracks await you during the first edition of TRINITY Festival. RAW enthusiasts are unanimous: as a fan of the harder styles, you should absolutely experience the first 100% RAW festival of the year.

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Have you added TRINITY Festival to your summer schedule yet? If not, here are 7 reasons that will motivate you to purchase a ticket for this brand-new festival right away.

1. TRINITY Festival is the first RAW outdoor festival of the year

TRINITY marks the beginning of the festival season, starting on May 11th. It’s your first chance this year to dive into the hardest tracks from all your favorite RAW artists.

2. TRINITY = 100% outdoor festival

One of the many advantages of TRINITY Festival is that two of three areas are outdoors. Can you imagine something better than enjoying the music with a drink in your hand and the sun on your face? “Ready for our 3 RAW areas out in the sun with your feet in the hot sand, walking through the trees and looking out over the crystal clear water?”

3. Beautiful location in the forest

TRINITY Festival takes place on the outside location of Autotron in Den Bosch (NL). This festival location checks all boxes: all outdoor stages are located next to water and a lot of trees, which makes it a wonderful place. In addition, the location is super easy to reach by both car and public transport.

4. Cybergore stage hosting + album showcase

The men behind Cybergore, DEEZL and So Juice, will host the second stage at TRINITY Festival. That means they’ve invited the best RAW artists to share the stage with them. On top of that, they also present their very first Cybergore album, something that you, as a raw enthusiast, should not miss.

5. The premiere of Vasto presents ElektraWave LIVE

Another exciting moment: Vasto will showcase his fresh live act, ElektraWave, for the first time on the mainstage at TRINITY Festival. Vasto is prepared, as he shared on Instagram. “Who’s ready to embrace the thunder with the first ElektraWave show?!”

6. Numerous special shows and live acts

In addition to the Cybergore album showcase and Vasto presents ElektraWave, there are countless other special acts on the line-up. For example, you can join Adjuzt presents NXTGEN, Unresolved presents BAD BLOOD LIVE and Scarra presents Face of Violence, but also live acts from Element, Fraw, and Kruelty.

7. RAW festival with the best price-quality ratio

Tickets for TRINITY Festival cost only €44 (incl. service costs). In return, you get a completely outdoor festival with three stages and 45 of the best RAW artists – so you really get a great value for your money.

“Join thousands of lost RAW souls on our sacred beach Asylum on May 11th”

The first (indoor) edition of TRINITY was completely sold out. The reactions to this edition were so good that expectations are incredibly high for the first outdoor edition of the event. In short: as a true RAW enthusiast, you must be at TRINITY Festival. You can buy tickets via the event’s official website.

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