Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

Digital Punk just announced his new album. Adapt or Die will be released in October 2016. It will consist of 23 tracks including several new tracks. Digital Punk will give a taste of his new album in the new episode of Unleashed this friday.  The album Adapt or Die is his second album after Escape from Reality. Besides that he also released two compilation cd’s for his popular Unleashed podcast; Digital Punk Presents Unleashed & Digital Punk Presents Unleashed ’15.

Digital Punk already has some special showcase gigs planned with his new album Adapt or Die. Next to that, Digital Punk posted a photo on Facebook with the text: ‘’Just finished a new track ‘Adapt or Die’!’’ This caused people to start speculating on a new live-act or album. His first ‘Adapt or Die’ gig will be at XXlerator RAW – Halloween on the 29th of October.

In addition, Digital Punk recently joined forces with Hard Driver for the new live-act Public Enemies. They have already planned several international gigs in Germany and Australia.

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