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By Wouter de Vink

The new release of Adaro & Level One is the start of something beautiful. Now that their collaboration ‘One and the Same’ is finally available, it turns out that these two producers from different generations not only have a past together, but also exciting plans for the future.

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When Level One was 19 years old he already went to the sets of Adaro (check out their meeting at Mysteryland in 2015 below)  – it even made him start producing music himself. Level One left a big impression on Adaro last year with his smashing remix of his track ‘Party Medicine’. “We have stayed in touch ever since and have a good click inside and outside the studio,” Adaro praises. “I am convinced that he will become one of the new big names in 2023. He is an excellent producer and a down to earth guy: that is a powerful combination.”

Young Level One with Adaro

The hardstyle legend has had an eye for up-and-coming talent for years. Artists like Vertile, Cryex, Regain and in this case Level One were given the opportunity to remix an Adaro track or a collaboration – such as ‘One and the Same’. Level One: “In a time where rawstyle is mainly about fresh kickdrops, we tried to combine this with a real song, and we’re very satisfied with the outcome.”

‘One and the Same’ quickly came to the attention and was immediately picked up by big names in the scene such as Rejecta, B-Front and MANDY. It was even played at Qlimax during Ran-D’s set. “We are very proud of it!”

Adaro & Level One: two generations of Hardstyle producers who found each other in the studio with ‘One and the Same’ as a result

Their collab ‘One and the Same’ together with singer/songwriter Nino Lucarelli was released yesterday on the Roughstate label. You can expect even more from Adaro and Level One together soon: “We’re planning a new collab and we’re gonna remix a classic for this festival season. Be aware!”

Footage taken from Facebook page Dj Adaro

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