Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

This weekend the biggest event in the hardstyle scene will once again take over Biddinghuizen. Defqon.1 will celebrate its 15th anniversary and that calls for a special celebration. During the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, the Defqon.1 Legends will play a 3 hour long set. It is still a big question which artistsĀ are part of this year’s legends team, but there is a lot of speculation. One person who is on everyone’s mind is of course Headhunterz and the man himself has just dropped one of the biggest hints so far. Will Heady really return to Defqon.1 this year? We believe he will.

Some time ago, an event appeared on Headhunterz his Facebook page called ‘Flatline’ that would take place in New Zealand. The strange thing is that it is on the exact same date as Defqon.1, the 25th of June. A lot off people got confused, but Headhunterz left us a little clue in the form of coordinates regarding his real whereabouts on this date.

headhunterz Defqon.1
The coordinates that you can find at the bottom of the event’s title in the header lead to a place somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Strange isn’t it? But when you take these coordinates and go to the other side of the world you will be at, you guessed it, Defqon.1 Festival. For many people this was the final clue, Headhunterz will return to Defqon.1!

Of course there are still some people who don’t believe it or just don’t want to get their hopes up to find out later that he is not coming at all. For these people we have another clue from Headhunterz himself. Yesterday evening, Headhunterz changed his Facebook cover to a flatline, as if his heart stopped beating. Why would he do something like this? We see this is the last lead towards his ‘event’ in New Zealand and therefore his return at Defqon.1.

flatlinePhoto’s: Headhunterz


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