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By Wouter de Vink

This year, it’s time for the 17th edition of Decibel outdoor: one of the highlights of the festival season. With more than 250 artists, divided over 25 stages during the entire weekend, there’s more than enough reason to LIVE LOUD! We talked to anthem maker Atmozfears about his track and Decibel outdoor.

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Since 2002, Decibel outdoor has been one of the biggest and most popular festivals in the harder styles. Also Tim, better known as Atmozfears, has been playing at the event for several years now. “In 2013, when I just came into the picture, I got in touch with the organisation. I was actually overwhelmed when they asked me to open the mainstage back then, and I’ve been performing at the festival ever since!”

“Decibel feels like home”

For Atmozfears, Decibel feels like coming home. “Besides that it’s literally 10 minutes away from my home, the atmosphere is always perfect too.” This feeling seems to be mutual, when Tim was chosen to be this year’s anthem maker. “I’ve actually tried several times to deliver the Decibel anthem, but I didn’t manage to do that so far. It was ‘Reawakening’ in 2014 and one year later it was ‘Gold Skies’, which turned out to be the Weekend OST. Because of this, I had close contact with the team… and here we are!”

In all these years that Decibel outdoor is taking place, it has brought us quite a few legendary anthems. Artists like Zatox, Max Enforcer, Noisecontrollers, Ran-D and Brennan Heart were Atmozfears predecessors, which lead to some inspiration. “I keep on falling in love with all the Noisecontrollers anthems. I personally think that he has translated the exact feeling of what Decibel is all about perfectly.”

“Straight to the point, without losing the Atmozfears feeling”

For his anthem ‘Live Loud’, Tim wanted to deliver that very same message. “Summer feeling, though, but not without emotion: where Live Loud stands for. I had planned to keep the melody as accessible as possible, so it had to be straight to the point, without losing the Atmozfears feeling in the track.” By working together with the same vocalist as Ran-D, Tim managed to bring that same feeling as the ‘Craving For The Beat’ anthem.

Decibel outdoor 2019

But, how does an anthem like this come together? “Normally, you make music for yourself, but in this case you work with an entire team to make the festival atmosphere stand out. Brainstorming over ideas, themes and lyrics, and getting a lot more feedback than usual.” The pressure that goes with it, is different than usual according to Atmozfears. “It is your very own responsibility to make it succeed, and when it doesn’t, it is a big disappointment for the organisation.”

“After two weeks – and almost giving up – I got the melody”

Luckily that’s not the case with the brand new ‘Live Loud’ anthem, and Tim was given a lot of freedom when it comes down to the creative aspect. “The sky is the limit, and that’s what I like! After two weeks of working on the melody – where I had almost given up – I finally got it and it all took off from there.” That was the very moment when the Decibel outdoor 2019 anthem was born. “A fresh sound with a nod to the past.”

This edition of Decibel outdoor is going to be bigger than ever. For instance, the grounds of the festival will be open for three days this year for the very first time. “More Decibel is always better! That means more time for all enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite festival destination of the year.” And Tim is certainly one of these enthusiasts. “Besides performing, I’m always enjoying myself very much as a visitor. Getting inspired by fellow artists and enjoying the weekend.”

“New music, collabs and full of energy!”

“I would like to experience the festival like you guys do, but that’s not always doable. When I’m enjoying a set, it’s always possible to end up taking pictures with fans. That’s never a problem of course, but sometimes it’s better to wander around anonymously at Decibel!”

That’s indeed not the case, since we can obviously witness Atmozfears during his set at the Decibel outdoor Mainstage, of which we can expect a lot if we may believe Tim. “New music, lots of energy, but always with emotion, and perhaps a couple of very special collaborations! And keep a close eye on the endshows…”

Decibel outdoor will take place on 16, 17 and 18 August 2019 in Hilvarenbeek. For tickets and more information, please visit the official website of the event.

Footage taken from Facebook pages Atmozfears & B2S

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