Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

Yesterday a photo appeared on the Facebook page of both Delete and Regain. They are going to work together on a collab. The collaboration between the two guys could appear on the new Regain album, because both of them used the hashtag #pointofnoreturn, which will be the name of Regain’s new album.

Delete is doing great this year so far. In September he switched labels and moved from Theracords to Warface’s label End of Line Recordings. Shortly after, he announced the release of ‘Genocide’. Fans of the track could cheer on the 24th of October when it was released. “Finally hitting the studio with my pal Regain! #pointofnoreturn”, according to Delete.

For Regain it all started with his track ‘Push it to the Limit’ back in 2014. The track got a lot of support by other artists and it was his breaktrough. 2016 is a great year so far, with performances at Masters of Hardcore, QAPITAL, Defqon.1 Festival and Decibel outdoor and his new track ‘About Me’ got great response from the fans. “In the studio with Delete. Combining styles in progress! #pointofnoreturn”, said Regain on his page.

Delete & Regain

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