Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Intents Festival has just announced that it will be holding a Delete Tribute. On the Saturday of the festival, the mainstage will pay its respect to the great loss of Ryan.

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Over the years, Delete has played a huge role on the Intents Festival line-up. The Australian played here no less than 9 times since 2014 and was on the mainstage several times: a unique achievement for his sound and performances.

During these last few weeks, the scene showed its respect to the tragic loss and many people have done (or are going to do) something for Delete. Such as Intents, who’s going honor him on that beautiful podium together with the fans – something he deserves according to many. “Last month, a legend in the harder styles passed away suddenly. During the Saturday of Intents Festival 2022 we want to reflect with you on the special moments we experienced with Ryan.”

Intents Festival reflects on Delete’s legacy

The timetable will follow, but Delete’s Tribute will take place on the Saturday of Intents Festival. “30 minutes of enjoying Delete’s repertoire, no extravagant show or other artists; just the pure focus on Ryan’s fantastic music. Will you join this special moment on the Mainstage?”


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