Ryan Biggs, better known as DJ Delete, has received a lifetime achievement award. A well-deserved recognition for the man – a special artist, colleague and friend – who pushed boundaries with his groundbreaking music.

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Delete managed to conquer the hearts of fans with his unique sound. The Australian blew up dance floors with his unique VIP sets and performed all over the world. Partly due to his many tracks such as ‘Payback’, ‘Alone’ and his album Alpha Omega he grew into a pioneer within Hardstyle.

To thank Delete for everything he has shared during his career, the Honorable Mention award has been created (after consultation with his loved ones). An extra award for someone who really deserves it for everything he or she has done: something to which Delete is more than entitled to for all the beautiful work over the years.

Thanks for everything, Delete

This Honorable Mention is for you, Ryan. May you rest in peace.

Footage taken from Instagram page Wanyama-Photo


  • Ryan's sister 01 December 2023 - 11:07

    Just wondering when you consulted ‘loved ones’. Do not put that shit on your website when you have not consulted his sister, two nieces and two nephews.


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